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Jim’s Thoughts on Precious Metals

For many years, Cindy and I have been using precious metals as a hedge against the constant onslaught of the Federal Reserve (FED) devaluing our currency through its manipulations. Since 2008 and the subsequent crash of the financial markets that resulted in the bailouts, untold trillions of dollars have been created out of thin air and dumped into the markets. This has led to more and more manipulations from the FED and the further devaluing of the US currency. Since 1913, the US dollar has lost approximately 96% of its buying power as reported here in this article by Eric Fry. This is criminal in so many ways, yet the average tax payer and wage earner has no idea of the theft of his hard earned wage. In this article, the author lists 10 tangible reasons for doing away with the FED. The fraud and deception continue despite these articles that unveil the man behind the curtain, busily pulling the levers of high crime that passes for US monetary policy. There are several ways to begin disconnecting from this theft and begin insulating yourself from the constant war being waged against your accumulation of wealth and financial stability. The most prominent way is to purchase precious metals. At the turn of the 20th century, a twenty dollar gold piece would buy the owner a nice suit of clothes. Today, the value in that same twenty dollar gold coin will still buy a nice suit of clothes. That gold coin has proved to be a nice hedge from the inflation I outlined in the preceding paragraph. As another example of the inflation fighting powers of precious metals, let me share something that most readers in my age group can relate to in a tangible sense. When I was in my teens, a gallon of gasoline cost about one US quarter, today, the melt value of a pre-1965 silver quarter will still buy that same gallon of gas. Again, my examples are to highlight the inflation fighting properties of precious metals. To further punctuate my belief in precious metals as a hedge … [Read More...]


Pain, pain, go away…

Pain, who likes it? I know I don’t… especially when it messes with my routine. You see, I like to run every day to stay in shape. About a week ago it was a beautiful cool morning… something we hadn’t enjoyed here in Florida for months. So, I decided to go for a nice long run. After several miles, I turned around to head back home. Then suddenly... Bam! Back pain. It was horrible. All I could think of was whoa, where did that come from? I could walk but I couldn’t run. Darn, it was a long way home and now it was going to take me twice the time. What caused it? Resetting my watch or tightening my shoelaces before turning back? I hardly think so. Ah, but a day or so earlier, I had cleaned the chicken coop. Was that it… hunching over, twisting and scraping the coop? I couldn’t run for a week. Now, that really messed with my routine! If you’ve ever had severe back pain, you know how it can knock you out of commission. In normal times you may take a pill, or a day (or a week) off. But during a crisis forget about it. You need your back in good working order. I’m sure you agree that truly living off the land can be “back breaking” work. So if you don’t start with a healthy back you’re really going to be in a bad way when the SHTF happens. Look at me. I hardly consider cleaning a chicken coop a hard off the grid living task. And I consider myself in good shape. If it happened to me, it could happen to you. Sure, you can stock up on pain medications. But we all know most pain pills carry severe side effects. Even over-the-counter pills like ibuprofen or acetaminophen can hurt you if you use them too long. That’s why I prefer natural approaches to health whenever possible. And why I’m writing you today... to share a free gift that can help anyone struggling with back pain find lasting relief. Naturally. Without drugs or surgery. It’s an incredible book by my preparedness-minded friend and founder of the Healthy Back … [Read More...]


It’s training that counts!

Wow, is all we can say!  What an incredible weekend we had at Prepper Camp in NC hosted by SOS experts Rick Austin and Survivor Jane!  It was so good to spend a weekend with like-minded individuals who are actively pursuing preparedness education and enhancing their skills. It was a true pleasure to meet so many of you that joined us for SOS this summer. Thank you for stopping by and meeting us!   Knowing that SOS helped you on your journey to self-reliance was very rewarding to us.  Thank you. If you happened to miss Prepper Camp OR if you want to further your SOS education even more, here are a couple of opportunities coming up with 2 of our SOS experts. These events happen to be in Florida so guess what?  I am planning on attending because when times get tough, it’s our training that counts! Join me at these training opportunities: Survival Medicine 101 Dr. Cynthia Koelker (aka Doc Cindy) will be hosting a Survival 101 class at 2929 Cheney Hwy (also called HWY 50) Titusville, FL just outside of Orlando and near the Kennedy Space Center 29 October -31 October 2014. Here’s a brief description of this intensive class: If society collapses and your health care is all up to you, are you ready?  Can you repair a laceration?  Do you know how to splint a broken arm?  Can you treat life-threatening infections, burns, respiratory distress, and chronic disease? In short, are you prepared? Hands-on training will include: Wound care – suturing and other wound closure techniques Fracture care – casting and other aspects of care Outpatient labs and procedures you can perform without electricity Local anesthesia including digital blocks Minor surgery including shave biopsy, cryosurgery, excisions, nail removal Using OTC drugs like prescription medication Hydration techniques Treatment of life-threatening infection Treatment of chronic diseases This is the only Survival 101 course that Doc Cindy is teaching this fall so don’t … [Read More...]


Cindy’s Corner: Whoa! Have You Seen Food Prices?

Cindy’s Corner I admit, it has been quite awhile since I have written a "Cindy's Corner" or emailed you, but I know you will understand when I tell you why! We’ve been busy… We are getting ready to announce something big…a free event that you won’t want to miss! An event that will fast-track your survival/self-reliance education like never before. Hold on, watch your email! It’s coming soon! Did you know our LCBR Self-Reliance Academy had its first class? The class was awesome! “Thinking Outside the Box with Herbs that Heal” was packed full of information. Here’s what some of the attendees said: "Myself and 3 other woman preppers drove a little over an hour for this class and it was SO worth it! Finally, a list of what herbs to have on hand for medicinal purposes and how to actually use them in everyday life, emergencies, or a grid down situation. We were very impressed with Liz Stookey’s knowledge (once again) and can't wait to make the ointments and tinctures she showed us in class! This was a wealth of information! Thank you LCBR for doing this class! Bring on more!" - B.B. and friends “Outstanding information that is easy to use! I also really like the live demonstrations because it helps me really 'get it'”. - Anonymous "Outstanding! Liz has a great way of sharing… interesting [material] and she made it fun!" - Anonymous Then, here at the Thompson household, we have been busy doing what we preach. We are like everyone else. We get busy with our lives i.e. work and family and etc. and sometimes our preps suffer. But you know what? We are motivated to ratchet it up a bit by everything that is going on in our world today. For instance, how many of you have had sticker shock at the grocery store? Inflation is here and you can’t deny it! So, we’ve been busy selling off excess household goods that are no longer necessary, working the garden and replenishing our chicken flock…just to name a few. Back to food prices, I am continually amazed … [Read More...]

Kirk Elliott

Are you in Florida? America’s Financial Doctor aka Dr. Kirk Elliot is Coming Your Way!

Dr. Elliott will be in Orlando May 17th for a free conference. David McAlvany and Mike Gallagher (conservative, national syndicated radio host) will be conducting a seminar on "10 Things You Need to Know About the Paper Economy." Dr. Elliott will be at the seminar with David and Mike and he is offering to meet with you while he is in town. If you are in Florida, don’t miss this chance to personally interact with Dr. Elliott and get all your financial questions answered! With the threat of hyperinflation looming over us, it has never been so important to protect yourself. Dr. Elliott was one of our keynote speakers at the Life Changes Be Ready Expo ….he understands the preparedness mindset. Ask him about gold; ask him about silver and any other question you might have. I highly encourage you to make an appointment today…tell him Cindy sent you . Here’s Why You Need to Attend this Seminar: It’s FREE Your dollars are losing value, quickly. Inflation is here! Learn to protect what you have! Get personal interaction with America’s Financial Doctor (Dr. Elliott). Book your appointment today to ask your questions. Appointments are available either May 17th or May 18th. The world is falling apart economically (and in other ways, too)! Get Educated Now so You can Survive the Financial Earthquake ahead. "Life Changes. Be Ready!" Conference Details: When: Saturday, May 17th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Where: Westin 9501 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL Cost: FREE, but you must register. Space is limited. Claim your spot now! Contact: Michael, 1-866-211-8986 / Call Send SMS Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype … [Read More...]


Epidemic Of Hunger: New Report Says 49 Million Americans Are Dealing With Food Insecurity

If the economy really is "getting better", then why are nearly 50 million Americans dealing with food insecurity? In 1854, Henry David Thoreau observed that "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation". The same could be said of our time. In America today, most people are quietly scratching and clawing their way from month to month. Nine of the top ten occupations in the U.S. pay an average wage of less than $35,000 a year, but those that actually are working are better off than the millions upon millions of Americans that can't find jobs. The level of employment in this nation has remained fairly level since the end of the last recession, and median household income has gone down for five years in a row. Meanwhile, our bills just keep going up and the cost of food is starting to rise at a very frightening pace. Family budgets are being squeezed tighter and tighter, and more families are falling out of the middle class every single day. In fact, a new report by Feeding America (which operates the largest network of food banks in the country) says that 49 million Americans are "food insecure" at this point. Approximately 16 million of them are children. It is a silent epidemic of hunger that those living in the wealthy areas of the country don't hear much about. But it is very real. [Read more...] … [Read More...]


The Risks Are Massive: “Will Likely Lead to Famine and Civil Unrest”

With China’s debt now bursting at the seams and the economic outlook in the United States signaling a major recession the governments and central banks of the world are very rapidly running out of options. So much so that well respected Swiss asset manager Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management warns that they will have no choice but to ramp up monetary printing at an accelerated pace in 2014. Failure to do so will likely seize up the global flow of credit and lead to a massive financial collapse as liquidity gets sucked out of the system. [Read more...] … [Read More...]


Rising food prices pinching consumers

After two months of sharp increases in food prices, grocers are starting to pass along their higher wholesale costs to consumers. Beverly Cabellon, 61, of Pleasant Hill, Calif., was taken aback by the $38 price for two steaks at Costco recently, up from the $27 she paid last September. "I will be grilling more vegetables and shrimp this summer," she says, adding that she and her husband will likely eat beef once a month instead of weekly. "And I may switch to pork and chicken." [Read more...] … [Read More...]


Attention Shoppers: Fruit and Vegetable Prices Are Rising

Grocery shoppers may soon need more green in their wallets to afford their next salad. The cost of fresh produce is poised to jump in the coming months as a three-year drought in California shows few signs of abating, according to an Arizona State University study set to be released Wednesday. The study found a head of lettuce could increase in price as much as 62 cents to $2.44; avocado prices could rise 35 cents to $1.60 each; and tomatoes could cost 45 cents more at $2.84 per pound. (The run-up in produce prices is in line with other projections showing that overall food cost gains are expected to accelerate this year.) [Read more...] … [Read More...]


Sticker shock at the steak house; beef prices highest in 27 years

Edd Hendee reached into the chilled glass case containing cold cuts of steak, the classic Texas entrée upon which he built his restaurant and his fortune, proudly showing off his merchandise like a jeweler displaying his diamonds. “This is a center cut filet,” he said. “It’s the very best filet you can possibly buy. And that’s why it’s expensive.” And lately, at the Taste of Texas restaurant in west Houston, it’s become even more expensive. [Read more...] … [Read More...]


Book Review: “Surviving Doomsday – A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster” by Richard Duarte

BOOK TITLE & AUTHOR "Surviving Doomsday - A Guide for Surviving an Urban Disaster" by Richard Duarte BOOK COVER   BOOK DESCRIPTION From the back cover: A NO-NONSENSE EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND GUIDE ON HOW TO PREPARE FOR, AND SURVIVE, AN URBAN DISASTER. We live in a very dangerous and unpredictable world. All it takes is one natural or manmade crisis to seriously disrupt the fragile infrastructure that supports our modern way-of-life. Whether it's a storm, a terrorist attack, an economic meltdown, or a pandemic, you need to be prepared. During any major crisis there will be two groups of people, the prepared, and the unprepared. After a few days without food, water, medical attention, or vital public services the world around you will begin to look dramatically different than anything you could ever have imagined. Staying safe and avoiding the chaos will require thoughtful preparations and advance planning. In this book, you get: A Step-by-step guide to help you prepare to survive an urban disaster. A simple and easy-to-understand approach to help you plan for a potential crisis. Strategies to help you secure the core survival elements - food, water, first aid, security and sanitation. Tips on when to stay put, and when to get out. Tactics to keep you and your family stay safe during a crisis. Extensive shopping lists for survival products and supplies. When the moment comes you will either be prepared, or you won't; the choice is yours. PRICE  $17.06 (as of 3/6/14) AUDIENCE/WHO IS IT FOR?  Preparation-minded people who live in an urban/suburban environment. PROS Written for us many folks who don't live on a farm or multiple acres, and need to prepare for what the writer calls a "WCS" (worst case scenario). City dwellers and suburban subdivision dwellers need to prepare too.  This book speaks directly to us. Digestible.  At 164 pages (including appendices), it provides a "just right" amount of info (certainly plenty to get you … [Read More...]

GMAG Battery Charger

Product Review: Greenivative Magic (G-MAG) Rechargeable Battery Charger

By Jim Thompson Recently, Cindy and I had the privilege of sitting down to lunch with a vendor from our first expo, Allan Riggs. He had approached Cindy after reading a product review she had sent out in an email. Allan is the owner of Infratech.US, LLC, a company that has several different areas of focus. Today we will keep our focus on the Greenivative Magic product line. During lunch, Allan brought us his self-contained, saltwater powered battery charger and gave us a brief rundown on this unique product. It recharges AA and AAA batteries. So let’s jump right in and take a look at the Greenivative Magic (G-MAG) Rechargeable Battery Charger. At first blush, the idea that something as simple and plentiful as salt and water being able to provide power is novel. Digging deeper into the science is an exercise in research worth a rainy day on the internet but not the focus of this review. Suffice it to say that anodic electrolyte chemistry works and works well to generate electricity. As Allan slid the samples across the table for me to play with, I was struck by the simplicity of his products. There were two samples, one neatly packaged in a small cardboard box measuring 6 ¾”x4”x2 3/8” and weighing 14.6oz (415g). This packaging would be quite suitable for your Bug out Bag (BOB), not too big or heavy. Opening up the box revealed an instruction card with a list of package contents as well. I was quite surprised to see how compact and well thought out everything seemed at first glance. The other sample was packaged for Point of Sale display and had the same attention to simplicity. The thermoformed clear plastic allows for easy viewing of the product with instructions clearly visible without opening. I also noticed that the thermoformed plastic had not been ultrasonically sealed closed. You don’t know how much I dislike trying to open a package that has been sealed shut against any and all comers. These types of packages usually result in a trip to the ER to … [Read More...]

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