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Home Defense:
Tools, Tactics and Planning

(Tim Matter of Tactical Walls)

Tuesday May 12th at 8:00pm EDT

Learn how Tim Matter, founder and CEO of Tactical Walls, took initiative to safeguard his family against home invasions. Let’s face it. A home invasion can be a VERY harrowing experience. Caught completely off guard, the likelihood of you being overwhelmed and full of adrenaline in a stressful situation is perfectly normal. The question is, what do you do in this stressful situation? How do you manage your body’s natural reaction of fight or flight? Do you have the fine motor skills necessary to open your gun safe? Can you even make it to where the gun safe is before yourself or a family member comes into contact with an intruder? Maybe not. These are very important questions.

Join us for Tim’s presentation where he will share solutions to fortify your home defense plan.   [More…]


Life Changes. Be Ready! (LCBR) is a recognized leader in educating, encouraging and empowering individuals in a self-reliant lifestyle. Known for facilitating self-reliance through quality education and training, LCBR is uncompromising in its passion for inspiring individuals on the journey of preparedness.

sos-logoLCBR is host to preparedness expos and training events around the country where some of the most renowned survival, off the grid living, and self-reliance experts in America share their expertise. LCBR’s most recent event was the 2014 Summer of Survival (SOS) which consisted of 25 educational webinars with experts on virtually every area of preparedness and self-reliance. The SOS webinars drew thousands of attendees every Tuesday and Thursday evening throughout the entire summer.

In 2015, LCBR will continue to host bi-monthly webinars on relevant self-reliance topics and products to ensure it audience is equipped with the best self-reliance/survival education and information needed in the days ahead.

LCBR is also an excellent source for insider knowledge on what preparedness and survival products and services are the best and useful products on the market. Preparedness is not about just buying gadgets; it is about learning which resources and tools add the most value and reliability in a time of need. LCBR’s Product Review staff writes unbiased reviews of products and services that have been field tested and evaluated thereby saving preparedness individuals valuable time and money.



Life Changes. Be Ready!’s calling is to awaken and educate as many as possible to the need to prepare. Join LCBR on the path of self-reliance and bring along your friends, family and communities! Working together is where everyone gains strength and confidence. Start today with another step on the path to a lifestyle of self-reliance!

And remember, enjoy your journey.





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